Thursday, November 9, 2006

Random Thoughts on my day off

I went to the Oral Surgeon today (Doctor Martin, who works off Eagle Pointe Pkwy. in Stockbridge, the best oral surgeon in Georgia) and got a back tooth removed. Not something I want to go into, and the reasons go back years. One word of warning, always brush your teeth when in Milledgeville. I don't think they have much Flouride in their water. And in Wilkinson county the water burns going down. There are other reasons, too, but it's not worth going into.

Finding a good dentist is much like `finding a good auto mechanic. Which, in Conyers, would be Pro Import Services. But there are so many dishonest, greedy, and run of the mill dentists out there. And while these dentists might be okay, they want money, and they would much rather charge you out the wazoo for every little bit of "procedure" that they go through. While I have dental insurance, it, like most dental insurances, are not worth much. I don't have the money to do what they want me to do, and the prospect of having false teeth is not inviting, its the only choice I have. It is an injustice for the dental community to charge so much for so little. And they don't listen to you when you want them to do something very specific. It would be like telling a mechanic to change the spark plugs and them charge you for a complete transmission diagnostic. Or a doctor to perform an MRI when all you have is heartburn. When America realizes that health and dentistry cannot be ruled by capitalistic mongrels, and medicine and health care is regulated by something other than greed, then we will have taken the first big step toward a more "starfleet" like society.


If you want to read a similar blog, look at the home page of Orson Scott Card, a marvelous writer of science-fiction, fantasy, and other fiction. He can write a story with characterization that is a class in writing. Developed purely through dialogue, people in his stories are so accessible and real. I feel like I'm watching this really good movie in my head, and it's just a book. Everything he's written is good. Go visit ,the official home page of OSC. He reviews everything from movies to books to Italian restaurants in his home town of Greensboro, NC. I agree with most everything he says. His essays on current events and politics are brilliant!!


That's about it for me right now, I'm gonna go crash now.

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