Sunday, November 19, 2006

Natural Talent with Developed Talent./ Review Enigma CD

In an earlier blog, I complained that Mike Vick was not allowed to use his talent and run, to do what he needed to do to win the games. Turns out, I think it's the Offensive Line that's not letting him do anything, cause they're not protecting him at all. Give him the Colts OL, and he'd have time to eat a sandwich before making a play.

But aside from football, everyone should be encouraged to develop and use natural talents in everyday life. On a very basic level, everyone should be able to do certain things by themselves, to use what brain power they have, to build the skills they need to become truly good at whatever they are doing. Much like the job skills in a RPG (see previous post).

Case in point. Go into a Macdonalds, and see how many cashiers can 1) remember exactly what you ordered without looking at the monitors every time they go to get something....fries....drink....Big Mac (hold the pickles, Please!, and 2) can count the change back if the computer goes down and they have to figure out the value of a nickel. How many high school students can do long division without the use of the calculator. Sure teachers will say, "they will have calculators in real life, so they should have them in school." Well, suppose a nuclear disaster occurs and there is no technology to help people with such functions. They will need to do things with just their brains.

Society, however, believes that if they can make a machine to do something, then you don't have to do it. Calculators, change functions on the cash register (let's face it, you should be able to do that in your head), even a machine I saw at my mom's office that automatically folded a letter into thirds to be put into an envelope. They should have a machine that licks the stamps, too. Except they're now stickers. Imagine a generation of people who will never know the joys of licking stamps!!! Why bother learning the skills to do things yourself when you can buy (yeah capitalism!!) a machine that will do it for you. Lets make everyone completely dependent on technology and completely inept to do anything on their own.

Not to brag, but I can instantly look up probably 50% of all books at Borders, know who wrote them, how many we have, what's on order, the plot lines, etc... without having to look it up on the computer. Some of this is natural talent, but some of it is Developed Talent. If you don't have a natural ability to do something... it is very possible to learn the talents that will help you do very well in anything. It takes very little training to do this as well. In my job, taking a look at the books in the back room, stroll through the Tables and the Best Sellers, know what books customers want. It doesn't take that much time or effort. Everyone has talent, natural or developed. Let's all use it for the good of ourselves, and of each other.


I've been listening to Engima's new CD (I'll put a link to it at the end of the blog), and I agree with the reviews on Amazon. It's okay if you like the status quo for Enigma (which is really cool, a blend of spiritual and sensual, mind and body, with a dance beat). But as I've listened to all of Michael Cretu's albums, it's my opinion that he's done nothing truly great since the 4th album (the Screen/Mirror one). the 5th (Voyageur) and the new one both are disconnected, without an overlying theme, and while musically okay, they don't begged to be played over and over like the first 4 albums do. So go get the older ones (at Borders, of course), and download the rest.

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