Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Macy's Thanksgiving NBC/Tony's Commercial

Billy Joel wrote a song on The Nylon Curtain, titled "Where's the Orchestra?" I started singing this while trying to watch the NBC Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. But ironically, I never got to see the parade, because the narrarators and the commentators were too busy interviewing each other, or talking about the new NBC TV shows, or advertising the new broadway play. Everything but showing the parade. And whenever a float comes by, someone has to be on it singing. The balloons should be the star of the parade, as well as the marching bands, but you hardly ever see them now. It's now more about Broadway plays and the new shows on NBC.

Thanksgiving has gotten such a bad commercialistic wrap. From Christmas to the narrators that read off their comments ("I'm so happy to be here..l" said without enthusiasm.) And commericals every 5 minutes. With my ADD, I can't concentrate that long. I have to find something else.

Well, I've cooked the Thanksgiving meal (plopped it all in the oven on 375 for an hour), and so now I want to participate in the true meaning of Thanksgiving... Football!

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