Sunday, March 30, 2008

Receipe for Eagle Brand Pie, and Road Rants.

Here at Borders, we are preparing a dinner for two employees who are leaving us, and while I was making my Eagle Brand Pie:

1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1 box Philadelphia Cream Cheese (regular, not diet)
1/3 cup of Real Lemon from Concentrate
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Beat Cream Cheese, add the rest, mix... put in graham cracker crust. Refrigerate for a day.

my grandmother, who didn’t get it, asked why I didn’t just go to the store and buy something. Because there’s nothing in this world that annoys me more than to go to a pot luck dinner and see a pie or cake or whatever on the table complete with Publix label and container. At least have the decency to put it in another container to make it look like you made it.

I passed by the new day care center they are constructing next to a lower socio-economic, crime ridden neighborhood in Conyers. My brother had once spent the night guarding the equipment up there, being paid a considerable amount to do so. Finally, since they realized they couldn’t afford off-duty police officers, they erected a giant fence with barbed wire around it from a rent-a-fence company. Now what I want to know is, if they have to do all that just to keep people from robbing the construction site, why would they want to build a place where children can play and learn in relative safety there? It makes no sense to me... but of course material goods are worth much more melted down or sold at pawn shops for drug habits than children are.

I recently saw a motley crew of government individuals repainting the lines on the Parker Road Bridge in Conyers. A noble activity, to be sure, although most people ignore the lines anyway (including, sometimes, me). It got me thinking about the various times when I’ve run over those cement triangles they put in the road to put turn lights on, or to provide a lane for people to make right hand turns in. If it’s dark and rainy, there is no way you’re going to see those things, and you will test your shocks on those cement barriers, and hopefully not ram into one of those signs. Unfortunately, quite a few signs in Rockdale County have been bent over by people, probably inebriated, that have missed the edge of the street and gone careening into the signs. The solution for this is simple, and it would save money in the long run. Iridescent paint, yellow, to be painted on the edges of the curbs so that the street edges would be clearly defined. It would save a few signs, anyway.

Off to work...wish it would warm up and stay that way. Winter has overstayed its welcome for far too long.

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