Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is

[This was in my birthday card to Holly (Cambeie). I thought it was related to my ideas of home I've been writing about.]

Yeah, I picked this card cause it reminded me of M.ville, and that of home. There are so few places in this world where I could actually call it home, but Milledgeville would be one of them. Specifically, my one-bedroom apartment I had for about 6 months. I remember taking Lee and Amber to see the fireworks from your apartments when I was there. Amber cried when the finale came, cause it was loud, and she was scared and stuff, but she thought it was so cool about 5 minutes later. But now they've mostly grown up. Lee's decided that he wants to go Emo, and he's got the depressing childhood history to back that up, but that's okay. He's still the kid I've seen grow up all these years. I just wish that they still had their home on Jefferson St., but that's all gone by the wayside the past few months, and hopefully now they have a trailer down betwixt there and Gordon.

But it feels like home whenever I go down there. It's a peaceful, warm, loving feeling I get, that I don't get anywhere else. And once you've experienced that feeling, I don't think it matters what else comes along. You're home, and loved, and that's the best thing. And it's so cool to watch Lee and Stephen grow up, and know that somehow you've been a part of that. I've said many times in my blog that I'm content with where I've been. Most people have this urge to raise a family, plop out some kids and put them through school. And that's okay, cause it's what they're supposed to do, it's in their genes, but there's enough families around that need the love anyway from being run out on by fathers or whatever. I'm glad I've been a part of two families that were loving and warm. There is too much coldness in this world. I've seen it in my Milledgeville family's relatives, and seen the wind blow around their houses, and even just Lee himself, but they've always been able to battle it back with the warmth they have within them. It's a strength that is unlike anything I've ever seen. And you can cue in tons of anime references, or Harry Potter, or whatever, but it's amazing what things happen if you love and are loved back. Christians would call it the work of God (who is love), but whatever it is, it sure is wonderful. How many people look in all the wrong places for love, and find nothing but the cold wind and a craving hunger? When all the time it's right there, in the people around you. And it transcends distance, and silence, age, looks, shines through the ugly as well as the beautiful.

As Mary Travers said, Home is where the Heart is. Love is home. And if you feel at home, and you're loved, then that's all that matters.

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