Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl 41, Ads, other comments

My obligatory SuperBowl comments. Somehow Superbowls always end up as being anticlimatical, since most NFC teams are just cannon fodder for the AFC teams. Last night was no exception. Payton Manning won his first championship game, which is good for him. But his performance of last weeks game against the Patriots was so much better, so much more befitting an MVP award than the game last night. This year we've been spectators to some of the best football games in recent memory, and so the other games, those that were more important, turned out to be dull in comparison. I watched it, and enjoyed seeing a live football game for the last time until August, but it didn't come with the excitement of a truly great game. The adrenaline just wasn't there.


Similarly, the ads were a letdown. Most people who aren't football fans watch for the commercials. Hopefully last night they focused more on their friends and the food, cause the ads were mediocre at best. It's like the marketing people tried too hard to market their stuff to the most base male football fan, without thought to the intelligent people, the women watching, the people who enjoy something that took creativity to make. No commerical stood out, like previous years, and while some got a chuckle, or whatever, it became where the ads were actually bathroom breaks.

What I wanted was something like the ads, the caveman series. A marvelous ad campaign. Or the frogs from Budweiser from long ago. Publix has been doing amazing work with there commercials! But clearly, no imagination went into most of the ads shown last night.


So ended a dull night. I shouldn't have taken off work, but I had one vacation day left, and my manager had no problem with me using it then. I'm off today, but I'm usually off on Monday's, so that's not a problem. I like being on the schedule I'm on, and so doing something special like that puts me off kilter. Most people like to be on the normal schedules they have put for themselves. We are all creatures of habit. It's better to stay that way. That's why people get sick coming off vacations or off times, because their bodies are just not used to doing something so different. While people yearn for vacations... something tells me that we yearn for normalcy even more. It is our goal in life to make normalcy bearable, even enjoyable. James Taylor wrote, "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time..." I agree. And right now, I'd rather be at work, or at home watching Star Trek, or anything that I would normally be doing. Predictablilty is sometimes bad, but I don't think the mundane is such a bad thing. There's no use in doing something new and fantastic every time you turn around. The small joys of life are enough. I hope that one day I'll be able to share those small joys with someone else, but for now I'll just enjoy the passage of time on my day off. (And probably take my Prozac, which I haven't done.)

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