Thursday, February 8, 2007

Clarification of Abortion Issue

I was thinking over my last blog entry, and the Abortion part of it struck me as odd. I was thinking about what I said, and it seems that I had made an error. Normally, I would take the blog and re-edit it. But as I was thinking about it, the error itself is worth noting.

I said that I was pro-life, and then I gave the reasons why I thought that. The statement itself was true, but it is not what the blog was about. What I gave as a reason for my being against abortion was a moral reason, not one based on government. It had nothing to do with Law.

Being a person whose core belief in Government is that they should stay out of people's business, that people should govern themselves based on the Ideal (what is right and wrong), I said that I was pro-life, and therefore implied the Government should repeal Roe v. Wade and make Abortion illegal. This is not what I meant at all.

Making a moral statement, that all life is sacred and that embryos should be given every chance to grow and to be happy, is one thing. But in a journal entry that was devoted to Government, a moral opinion must be set aside.

But since I cannot say that the Government should just butt out and let a woman kill her unborn child because she doesn't want it (medical reasons or danger to the woman is another story), I must stick with my original thought. That people must govern themselves, to do right, to avoid evil, and to use their belief in God, in themselves, in whatever philosophies they believe in, right and wrong, to determine what they should do in this regard.

I'm not generally a political person. I care nothing for politics or government. As I said in my last post, I believe that individuals can contribute more to their world through love and compassion than through the techincalities of law. So I don't tend to make this a blog of political statements, just like I didn't intend to make it a religious one. But since each of those are a part of my life, they do belong here.

A different subject next time.

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