Wednesday, January 3, 2007

sick again.... always on Christmas.

I'm sick again. Sinus infection. And always on Christmas, too. I seem to get sick on Christmas, End of school, Spring Break... etc... I'm sure there's some underlying psychological reason, or maybe my body just shuts down when I relax from whatever I was doing. I've watched more Labor Day Telethons from my living room couch, sick as anything.

And my mom gets headaches on the same holidays... Christmas, Thanksgiving, all birthdays, Mother's day... any time when the grandparents would have been over. It's like a lingering stress echo, or something.


I'm so glad Christmas is over (for the Retail season, anyway.) I'm so tired, and once I get over being sick, I can write actual Blog entries. I'm looking forward to getting some good books by various philosophers and thinkers. I want to use my bookstore position to continue my education on topics that I enjoy.


It's the new year, 2007, and everyone has resolutions. The only thing I want to do is to keep better touch with my friends and those I care about. Of course, they can always see what I'm thinking on here, but I'll try to talk more on IM and even call once in a while. I already know I'm not going to exercise or lose weight, so why bother doing that. Epicuranism is so much more fun than trying to worry about everything.


Back to bed for me, until my mom and brother return from Applebee's with supper. (yum!)

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