Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hanson was on Deal or No Deal today. While this is nothing groundbreaking (Taylor was wearing a T-shirt promoting their new Album, The Walk which comes out between Feb. and May depending on where you live.), there is the fundamental question of, why the heck do I like this band?

First of all, I would think that since I respect whatever music people listen to, for the most part, I expect the same for me. One of my friends likes Rap and Hip/Hop music. I don't care for the music myself. I find it offensive and gross, but I respect her right to listen to it, if she wants. I respect my fellow worker's rights to listen to whatever they want, even overhead on the store speakers, even if I believe that the talent level of musicians have declined dramatically in the past few years.

In the past, Hanson has been the butt of much negative press, from comedy sketches to musical parodies to condemnation from most sectors of society. Mainly because of their long hair (which they don't have anymore) and their high voices (which they don't have either.) Further, since they were a pop band (now an "indie" group), with a fan base of mostly women, any guy who listened to them was at least gay.

The time has come to debunk the myths behind the most talented band to come on the scene in quite some time. They write their own songs, play their own instruments, are passionate about their music, and have stood as a model for all independent groups that have withstood the manipulations of big-time music companies. (Look up their relationship with Mercury Records... ) The quality of their work has always been of the highest standards. Their musicality has never been anything less than perfect, and their morals have been nothing less than clean, reflecting the Christian beliefs they were taught as children.

Futher, I have never known a person's sexual orientation to be determined by the musical interests of an individual. But there was a time that liking Hanson put you at a social risk. I had to hide the fact, putting up with my friends making fun of them, because it was the only thing I could do at the time. Now, with Hanson having faded into musical obscurity in these days of sexual promiscuity and musical banality, it isn't so bad. Most people are like, Hanson who? They became a trivia question for the 1990's (and did, in the Entertainment Weekly issue a couple of years ago.) A one hit wonder, if you will. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. They are talented and passionate musicians that will be singing and creating critic-lauded hits for years to come.

And since I'm on the subject, most people will look at my Profile and laugh audibly at my taste in music. I mean, Jesse McCartney??? Well, his first album was good (at least half of it was.), although his second one was banal, falling into whatever people like these days. This is the same trap Aaron Carter fell into when making his last few CD's. They should have focused on their singing and making good quality music instead of the mindless dribble that music executives thought would sell to teeny-boppers. Soon Jesse and Aaron will fall into obscurity (or at least appear on VH1's reality TV shows), and Hanson will continue to create amazing music. It is a shame, though, that Dream Street members forfeited the music potential that they had just because their moms were too conservative to expose their sons to the music lifestyle (which is commendable, but it forced the kids to try to make it as solo artists, of which only McCartney, with his acting links already established, could do.) Greg Raposo has fallen into obscurity, and Chris Trousdale has as well. A shame, actually, as that was a good album.

And let's face it, music such as this, and the Monkees, pop music, has been popular for ages, but it always has this habit of going away as quickly as it appears. Probably because positive themed music has always been replaced by negativity in this Prozac Nation. The rebellious teenager has never liked positivity, and focuses more on angst and the gothic, the morose. I guess it's part of growing up. I think that there is much room for positive music in today's society, and am glad that Hanson is there to provide their fans with music that does not make them take a Prozac right afterward. Their concerts are upbeat (though the fans are loud, but you get used to it (well, actually, you just go deaf)), their songs contain no mature subject matter or cursing, and their personalities are witty, intelligent, and friendly. They strive only for perfection in their music, and have since moved on from their the days of MMMBop to each getting married, having kids, and pursuing their dreams of creating quality music for years to come. If this is worthy of prosecution, either of them or of the people that enjoy their music, then the world certainly is doomed.

Anyway, I'm Male, 29 (at the moment), and I like Hanson. You either deal with it, ignore it, accept it, whatever, but if you're too immature to do anything but make fun of them, then you're not worthy of me paying any attention to. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to their new album, as well as the other musical groups I enjoy listening to.

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