Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Charlie Brown Christmas

More than likely, I'll be blogging about one injustice or another that has taken Christmas (or Thanksgiving) and flushed it down the toilet up until and probably past Christmas itself. But instead of the usually rantings that people have about "taking Christ out of Christmas," I want to focus on little things that irk me, traditions taken away or made unimportant, which is what most traditions do now if they don't make you money.

For instance, tonight after Wheel of Fortune went off (they need to have Jeopardy on after Wheel of Fortune like they did for ages. Make that hour a true family hour like it was for years.) ABC showed the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Which is a wonderful and moving testamony of the true meaning of Christmas. A film that was made in 1965, well before the Commercialism of Christmas took full effect. It's also a paralell of the teachings of Jesus in the way Charlie Brown picks the tree (the outcast, the meek) and blesses it by taking it home, much to the outrage of his friends.

So why am I irked about them showing this masterpiece of Charles Schultz? Because they showed it ON NOVEMBER 28TH!!! I remember when they would show it just before Christmas (the 23rd or 24th...something like that), and it was shown as a Christmas tradition. Now they show it on a Tuesday night in November between the news and more than likely a repeat of Show Me the Money.

Is it because they wanted to show it during Sweeps month? If so, they are validating the Commercialism that Schultz was condemning. Or is it that they are showing it early in the Christmas shopping season so that they can get that tiny squeak of truth out of the way to make room for the Survivor Holiday Special (yes, I know Survivor is CBS, it's called artistic license)? Whatever the case may be, it is time now for everyone to go out to their neighborhood Borders and get a copy of the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD and play it at the appropriate time. Of course, the irony is obvious. So anyway, until I find something else to complain about... I'm gonna go find my copy of the soundtrack for the Peanuts Christmas and go listen to that. You can't have Christmas without the Peanuts music behind it.

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