Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ketchup on Eggs, or Things I Don't Get

So.... there are some things in this universe that I Just. Don't. Get. Like why a half gallon of milk is more expensive than a gallon of milk...??? They're just trying to make the cows work harder. There are aspects of this crazy world that make no sense. And so I'll put on my Andy Rooney hat and.... here we go...

I Dunno Criminals are so baffling, or at least, single minded. A Fox 5 report recently talked about idiots that used two vans to smash their way into a CVS drug store (one to smash, one to get away in). And their target? An ATM machine inside the front door. ????? Two things... one, ATMs are so out of date. You can get cash back at the register! So the business people should think about not having the thing installed because the profit made from it will be offset by having to replace your entire front wall. And also... the criminals weren't thinking that if you're gonna break into a drug store.... get the drugs! A bottle full of Lortabs will go for whatever was in that ATM machine. At least get something from smashing a car through the front door. Get some packages of premium M&M's. Something.... I just don't get it.

I Dunno So I'll be working, with a cart of books, a name tag, my red "Borders" polo shirt on, and a radio stuck in my ear like I'm a part of the Borg, and inevitably, at least 10 times a day, I'll get, "Do you work here?" I think it's a way of saying "I need help." without actually saying that they need help. Okay, so that one I do get, but it's annoying anyway.

I Dunno I just don't understand fashion. Just ask anyone that knows me. They'll agree. But there's a difference between being fashionable and doing something that hinders everyday life. For instance, I was driving down GA 20, and I spotted this guy, in his 20s,talking on his cell phone with one hand and holding his belt and his pants up...way below where they are supposed to be. Now, before anyone responds with a certain Youtube link, it's more than I can fathom. Clothing is supposed to be worn, for whatever reason. For warmth, for fashion, for the colorations that somehow attract mates, much like the feathers of a peacock. The only thing I can figure out is that they are trying to show off their butts. Because the usually baggy pants aren't revealing enough. Why hamper movement so, in that way. My brother says that people with pants around their knees is encouraging for police officers, because they're easier to catch when they try to run.

I Dunno So on a related note... Guys wear all this clothing, layers upon layers. I mean, what's the need for wearing more than one shirt at a time??? Doesn't it get stuffy? And it's just more laundry to do. But girls (women...whatever) wear the exact opposite. I see all these female type people wearing shorts that are about a mile from their knees, and tight enough to be cutting off circulation. I know it all has to do with sex appeal, but I'm confused about why. I guess society mandates that women wear as little as possible to show off their physique, and most of the time, it's not a physique that's at all attractive, and yet guys have to wear as much as possible to cover themselves up. I think it all started back in the late 80's, when shorts got longer and the whole depressing grunge/alternative rock era took over. It's also interesting how clothing is related to the style of popular music...but that's another line of thought. Doesn't make sense to me. Of course, I've been wearing the same types of clothes for years. Heck, I'd be wearing Velcro shoes still if they had ones with high arches. I just don't get it.

I Dunno Silly Bandz. I know! I'll make Silly Bandz in the form of perfect circles... kids can use them to tie up their hair, or keep their crayons together in their book-bags, or keep their pants up...oh, wait.... I'll make millions!! They're just Rubber Bands people! And yet they're like $6.00 for a package. Capitalism at it's finest. I'll put them next to my pet rock. I just don't get it.

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