Saturday, March 17, 2007

ESW, Pit Bulls, School Food, Another Tree.

Some observations on things I've experienced recently...

I've been delivering teacher appreciation week flyers to the people in the counties around Borders (if you know any teachers (current, retired, Sunday School...etc), tell them they can save 25% off most everything* in the store from March 22nd to the 27th.), and some of the things I've seen have been worth noting.

First, I've never seen more pit bulls in my life as I have the past week or so. While driving through some of the more socioeconomically disadvantaged areas of Dekalb County, I've noticed more people walking their pit bulls than I have in the 28 years prior. Whether it is a status symbol, or a need for security, or whatever, I'm not sure. If it is security, that has everything to do with crime and lack of self-discipline and morals...etc... see last post. If it is status symbol, well, then there is the issue of materialism as a status symbol. It's been well documented on the unpredictability of those breed of pooches, and yet they continue to be insanely popular. I don't understand.

Secondly, there is something undeniably wonderful about the smells coming out of a public school cafeteria. Now, before you think I"m crazy, let me tell you that my mom does not cook, and so the food fixed in school was good stuff, for me. Also, I've had the food at college, and I would much rather have public school food than I would the college food at GC&SU. The main reason being that with public school food, they take it out of the frozen containers, nuke it, and there you go. Also, the food is unmistakeably artificial, and you know it. It's supposed to smell like it does, taste like it does. You have no room for error or getting a bad whatever. With college food, you never know what your getting. There have been days I've sat in the middle of a college classroom and had this insane desire for a fiestada, one of those hexagonal pizzas. Wonderful stuff.

Also, Dekalb county has some intersections that are going to get someone killed. I get ready to pull out of a school, and look to my left. and there's this huge tree blocking my view of oncoming traffic, and then I look to the right and there's the top of the hill, and I have no way of knowing what's on the other side of the hill. And it's like that on more than one school. They need to make sure that where they put signs or trees or whatever is not in the way of someone trying to pull out, and that somehow it's evident when someone is coming over the hill. There was a private school that had that hill problem, and so they put a flashing red light that went off whenever someone crossed over the detector to let you know there was someone coming.

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