Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fleeting Dreams

Dreams can be a wonderful, terrible, amazing experience, and the ones you remember can seem as real as anything reality can bring you. I just had one, and it was one of those fleeting dreams that, if only I could grab on, hold the melody, capture the words, I could produce a masterpiece of such beauty. And it's all up there, in my brain, far out of reach of normal conscious thought.

I was adrift in some computer animated soundscape, with acoustic guitars and some lyrics, but the song itself was cacophonous, multifaceted, and breathtaking. And I know it's something that's in my head, and not influenced from outside sounds. You know, you'll be dreaming of a song on the radio, only to wake up and hear that same song on the radio that's playing in your bedroom. Or I've even been dreaming and had CNN on TV and suddenly the world I'm in gets bombed with missiles, which have undoubtedly come from the news reports from the Middle East. But as I woke up, I noticed no TV on, no music, only the irritating grind of my computer fans. So whatever melody and counterpoint and whatever was playing in my head was being created by my own mind.

They say we only use like, 10% of our brain, but what if we can tap into the rest while we are asleep, and our subconscious takes over? What marvelous works of literature or music could be given to the world if only we could remember them. I can remember dreams where I was writing poetry, but I wake up, and the words disappear into the rising sun. With that one, I've always wanted to capture that onto paper, because writing is something I can do. The acoustic guitar masterpiece I just heard I can't capture because I have no skills on that instrument. Amazing stuff. The muse so often stays hidden, and those who can capture those moments can go down in history as masters. What if they were just lucky enough to capture those few moments and hold on, and bring it through to the sunlight? If only we all had the ability to express those works of beauty that are hidden within.

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