Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Obligatory New Year’s Post.

I guess on these days, with a new year staring you in the face, you have to figure out whether the next year would be better than the last. How do you improve your life, and why does the first of the year make any difference, when you can improve your life on any given day. But perhaps January 1, the first day of the Roman goddess of Doorways, of beginnings, would be as good as any. And aside from losing weight and being more financially responsible, which everyone seems to plan on but nobody achieves, maybe the simplest resolution is just to be a little friendlier, To say "hello" when a person's IM pops up, or when the little "online" thingee pops up on Myspace, to send a message. That's the easiest thing to do.

And expectations and goals are good, from promotions to cars to money... but as I've learned, counting chickens is the fastest way to get them to lay eggs. Perhaps just looking at things day to day and being patient is the way to go here. Because planning and craving just leads to unhappiness. It's something I've come to realize, that while having goals is a good thing, expecting them to be achieved is certainly not.

So Happy New Year, may all your goals and dreams come true, but don't worry about it if they don't. The best thing is just to say hello, be friendly, and love the people around you. That overcomes all obstacles, and makes every year, no matter how miserable, seem just a little better.

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