Saturday, October 27, 2007

It’s time once again...

for a things that bug me post!! ...

If you go to a store parking lot at midnight, or at 5 in the morning, aside from any drug deals or makeout sessions you might interrupt, you'll also see this truck racing around the parking lot, sorta looks like a carpet cleaner on wheels. The street sweeper's job is to clean the parking lot of all debris. His other job is to scare the daylights out of anyone parking in the lot at the time. There is no pattern to his driving, and he drives at speeds just under uncontrollable. He's a auto insurance nightmare waiting to happen.

In a messup that will never be mentioned in Journalism classes, a broadcaster at ESPN was describing and predicting the upcoming San Diego Chargers game against the Houston Texans. He expertly described the crowd that, wanting to escape the wildfires and willing to come together to watch their beloved team win an emotional game, would be a key part of the game. He did so by using the old cliche "The stadium will be on fire."

If you were unfortunate enough to get in trouble with the law, which in my experience, is just about everyone, and you come to court to face the judge, wear something more than what you would wear on the street. At a recent trip to State court to support a friend (long story), I saw an African American gentleman prepare to meet the judge wearing saggy pants and a t-shirt with the grim reaper on it. His future is grim indeed.

And while we're at it. The same thing goes for clothes at work... for some reason, I've seen employees come to work wearing jeans with holes in them, spaghetti strapped shirts where you can see bra straps, and other unsightly issues. Working in customer service, the worker should be wearing comfortable, conservative clothing with an air of confidence, not an air of wanting to mow the lawn later. Unless you work at Hot Topic or something, where your dress sells the atmosphere of the shop itself. That's different.

But to my main gripe, and this one' s personal. I want an apartment. I want independence, and the chance to grow and develop myself as I want to. But it's just not going to happen anytime soon. It eats at me sometimes, and it's a craving that won't go away. Cravings are things that often drive us toward achieving them, as goals, but often, when the object or goal we desire is so far out of reach or is unobtainable, it becomes something that eats at us, and the goal becomes even stronger. The struggle is to keep your mind, and feet, firmly on the ground and not do anything rash that, trying to leap for that distant peak, will leave you fall short, and falling. Hopefully one day, I can obtain that dream. For right now, I will sit in my room and finish this blog.

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