Friday, April 27, 2007

Link to an Excellent Blog! (Life Without Cars)

You absolutely have to go to Orson Scott Card's website and read his latest essay "Life Without Cars." It goes with a lot of my imaginings about recreating life here on Earth to give Nature back most of its land while giving mankind a place to live. Of course, I'm thinking more of in the future where public transportation is commonly of the high tech nature that Japan has currently, where commercial buildings such as grocery stores and the like are totally underground, much like Washington DC has below their hotels near the Metro, and where everyone has an apartment of suitable size in buildings where electricity, water, etc... are all taken care of in a joint manner, ecologically sound and economically viable. But OSC's essay is a good start.

Of course, none of this can happen because the car industry would balk at the whole idea. Not to mention the oil industry, the department and road building industry, construction, big business, and almost everyone else involved with Consumerism in America. I'm not talking about Capitalism, but the ideology that says to make as much money now as possible, the heck with the future, and who cares about the people, the environment, or anyone else as long as the funds pour in.

But I'm a little cynical about this world. Anyway, here's the link to OSC's amazing blog. Feel free to read his other essays about world topics. Good stuff.

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