Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mcdonalds, when you absolutely have to pass Go

So the Monopoly pieces pile up beside my computer, and the board game is filled with all the pieces you need except the last one in each monopoly group. Which means I've won absolutely nothing.

Now, I've just spent a month going to McD's, ordering food that was bland (the french fries are getting worse), putting up with customer service that is horrible, eating food that has probably sucked one year of my life away, all to play this game which I have no chance of winning. So why do I do it?

The same reason everyone else does, because Monopoly and McDonalds is an event which draws everyone under the golden arches just to pull off those little tags to see which estate they got. There is no other time that I would go to a fast food restaraunt just because of a promotion. There is nothing in the retail world like it.

And the fact that for years, the whole thing was rigged (see news articles about the security company handling the promotion actually gave the real pieces to their friends), did nothing to keep people away from the game. People are still just as excited about it as they were long ago. I joke that the thing is still rigged, but I do it anyway. Because we have all been herded like cows to this greasy place to eat something that will kill us all eventually. And we mooooo and add to the Billions and Billions served. When I get up to Heaven's gates, I only hope that Peter has $200 dollars for me as I pass Go into the Kindgom.

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