Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things [Mirrored from Facebook]

I was reading a review about the movie Cloverfield where the twenty-something partiers in NYC were called the Facebook Generation. They all seemed so self-centered, so interested in building up egos (theirs or friends). What I mean, is that when the monster finally attacked, like on the bridge, I totally didn't care about the people flung into the river to their deaths. They reminded me of lemmings.

Point being, that the rash of 25 random things is really fascinating, especially from people I've not talked to in many years, just to find out more about them. Should I honestly think that anyone is going to care about reading my own? Course, that may just be a self-esteem issue, and another self-centered part of me doesn't care whether it's read or not, cause I'll post it anyway. So if you read this, thank you, I hope it helps you get to know me better, if not, you've probably stopped reading already, so :P~~~

1. The only book I read for pleasure between the 5th and 8th grade was The Forgetful Robot by Fairman, ISBN: 0030724155. I bought it many years later after the library withdrew it from the stacks. I know it's the same book cause I put my initials in it. :)

2. I've been writing on my Myspace blog for about 2 1/2 years, where I've written tons of stuff about everything. It's at this page. It's much better than writing in a journal, cause no one can read my handwriting anyway.

3. I am the oldest* male fan of Hanson, and I don't care who knows it. I wrote an article about it here. I went to their concert in Atlanta in 2000, and was deaf by the time I left.
*that I know of.

4. I hate geese. Due to some thinking I was food as a child.

5. The only way I have Star Wars recorded is on my BetaMax tapes, which I still have the player, and it still works. They say people can't do without their Tivo...well, before all this new-fangled technology, there was Beta, and it was good.

6. There were times, in the middle of a college class, that I had this sudden urge for Fiestadas, which they serve in Public Schools mainly. It's hard to get them outside of that.

7. I'm going to one day make a movie, it'll be called The 30 year old Virgin. It'll be a hit!! It'll...what....already been made?

8. One day, Kittens will be legal tender. Or'll be easier to control inflation that way.

9. I have a fiddle table, something with little nick knacks, like the sparkly balls they have at Borders. Cause I have ADD out the wazoo. Makes it hard to watch a movie on TNT, cause by the time they get through with the commercials, I've forgotten what it was I was watching.

10. Speaking of which, my favorite TV shows are Jeopardy! (which I always get the final question right), Star Trek, or House. It's odd, cause I hate hospitals, but I feel right at home in Princeton. House reminds me a lot of myself, which can be good or bad. The banter is amazing, and House's anti-hero character is the best creation on TV since DS9's Garek.

11. My internet name, and the name I use on video games, is Audoin, a name from Tolkien's The Lost Road. Full name is Audoin Errol.

12. I'm very picky about what I eat. It 's a texture thing. Mushrooms, Pecans, Coconuts, Pineapple... I can't eat them. Disgusting stuff. And no matter what the map says in a box of chocolates, I will always pick the Coconut one first.

13. I also can't stand Microfiber clothing. But I love polyester.

14. There's a certain physical response for sitting in the back seat of the car, on the left side, behind the driver. I can't do it. I also have to sit on the back right at a restaurant. It sounds crazy, but I've met other people who have the same feelings.

15. I'm allergic to Cantaloupe, and to some extent, bananas and kiwi. Makes the back of my throat itch, and milk is the only way to get rid of it. But I love all those fruits.

16. Apple Juice makes me.....well.... nevermind.

17. I've got a spoiled cat, Puddy, that we domesticated from the neighborhood. She's old, and ornery, and is definitely the alpha female in the area (she tries to stare down my mom, but it doesn't work.) See pics of "the Cow" in my profile pics, or on Myspace.

18. I found my mom's 1967 income tax information in the garage. Two words: Pack Rats. Thoreau would turn over in his grave if he saw our basement.

19. I dream about Transformers at least two times a month. I either am one, or am shopping for them, or am talking to them. My parents took them away from me in the third grade. Something about not telling Fantasy from Reality... .. I've got an Autobot symbol on my Jacket, and no one can argue that Optimus Prime is sexy.

20. I won the Associated Writers Press Intro Award for my poem "The Great Sleepers," which was about my dad. It was in the Mid-American Review in 98, I think. You can put the title and my name in Yahoo and find it. I wrote quite a few poems in college, but after I graduated, and got on Prozac, I haven't written any more. Can't write poetry and be on Prozac at the same time. (The reason for Prozac is a long story, but the gist of it was that I was trying to become a teacher.)

21. I want a Chevy Cobalt... a short squatty car that can make U turns in the middle of the road. I currently am driving my mom's 95 Buick, which is a limo.

22. I have a few close friends that I love dearly, and although I rarely say it, except for Christmas cards and Birthday cards, I do think of them often. Friendship is so important, especially in these times when it's harder to socialize with people outside of the Internet. And since I have no social life outside of that (girls have cooties... :) ), it's enough. It has to be.

23. I live an epicurean existence. James Taylor sung, "The Secret of Life is enjoying the passage of time." I agree. I will enjoy my pizza, and while I love swimming and walking, I have no need for useless exercising. But I'd rather live happily than live a frugal, caustic existence on account of some mythic beautiful body or some mistaken belief that being miserable in this life will make me happier in the next.

24. I'm a very nostalgic person. I love old towns, abandoned buildings (the old psych. building at GC&SU in Milledgeville). There is Romance (capital R) in the remains of human civilization. What was, and could never be again. Towns where everyone knows everyone else, where entertainment consists of a ball and stick instead of electronic gadgets. Where people sit outside and talk in their rocking cliches, instead of watch useless TV shows in dark rooms. There are still some places in America where that is possible. Unfortunately, those places are drying up, dying far from the interstates and big cities. (See my Nostalgia blogs on Myspace)

25. I am who I am. I'm happy with that. I wish I had an apartment, and someone to love, but for now, this will do. I also cannot predict the future, so, if this is all there is, then so be it. I am content with that. Happiness is something that you cannot traverse the globe trying to find. The best way to be happy is to, as Voltaire said, tend our gardens. Tend, and Love, and Be.

Puddy resting near Azalea at Twilight

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