Monday, December 11, 2006

Little things that Bug Me...

Everyone has pet peeves, and there are some that just bug the everliving snot out of me.

If I'm in the bathroom, I have no interest to hear another guy come in, talking on his cell phone, while peeing... it's rude to the person talking on the phone, and rude to me because I have to hear this conversation when that is the last point in my life I want to have or hear a conversation! Lynn Truss compares this behavior in her book Talk to the Hand to a bubble of private space that surrounds each and every one of us. To some people, that private space means they can do whatever they want inside of that space, from sing along with too loud music to talk on the cell phone, whenever and about whatever they want. This private space also allows them to destroy books, lay down books wherever they want, and generally not care about things that are not theirs. Although a bit complicated, Truss' book is a great read.

This is a retail thing. If you are going to get change out of a role of change.... take all the change out and throw the wrapper away. Don't take half of the pennies out and leave half a role sitting in the till for someone else to finish emptying! Drives me nuts!!!

Out of date flyers. If your garage sale or event or whatever is taking place on the 15th of November, go back to the advertising bulletin boards and take the flyers down by the week after. I used to go around the college and take out of date flyers down. And don't put five flyers on the same board... we can read one just as well as five.

Chimney smoke in August. I can always tell when it gets below 60 degrees here in Georgia. It hits 59, and every fireplace hearth in the neighborhood is lit up, with smoke pluming out of the roofs. That's what central heat is for. I'm allergic to fireplace smoke, and once people realize that we are living in the 21st century and that central heat (or space heaters) are much more efficient than the firsplace, the better off I'll be. Me and my sinuses thank you (yes I know I used "me" in the sentence wrong. It was for emphasis.

I've already mentioned some in other posts, but these were some that probably wouldn't have fit in anywhere else.

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